Today exactly one year ago in Brussels 57 countries and many private organizations came together for the first She Decides conference. On that day a broad international coalition was formed. A coalition with the aim of protecting and maintaining the so important provisions for family planning for millions of women and girls in developing countries. This conference in Brussels was a wonderful start for She Decides as a major international movement for the improvement of women’s rights.

SheDecides was launched as an urgent reaction to the Global Gag Rule. It has rapidly evolved from two words, to a one-day conference into a global, political movement, which is guided by the vision as articulated in the SheDecides Manifesto: A new normal where girls and women decide about their bodies, their lives, their futures. Without question.

Since March 2017, the term SheDecides has become an urgent rallying cry leading to the formation of a global movement, now generating national and regional movements to mobilise all those who define themselves as Friends of SheDecides to maintain the momentum. The uniqueness of the movement lies both in its bold approach and its transformative working model. SheDecides breaks down traditional silos, builds on the work of others and brings in the energy of many new voices. SheDecides is a political movement with community support.

Today, March 2, 2018, we celebrate the first She Decides Day. Activists, leaders and supporters from around the world are marking today as SheDecides Day, to encourage others to stand up, speak out and take action to challenge anyone or anything that denies women and girls the basic human rights needed to make decisions that are theirs, and theirs alone.

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We cellebrate She Decides Day 2018!