Women’s health volunteer jobs in Africa

We are looking for enthusiastic and capable medical and health care volunteers to train, motivate and inspire a growing network of women’s health advisors that deliver our women’s health and infertility prevention educational and outreach programs in local schools, hospitals and villages  in The Gambia, West Africa.

We are raising the awareness of women’s health issues and trying to improve access to health care information and services for the women of The Gambia in the fields of reproductive health and infertility.

If you are a women’s health care professional looking for an overseas career break or a medical student looking for a gap year placement or if you are just looking for volunteer medical work or voluntary jobs in Africa, Dimbayaa would like to hear from you.

Kanyaleng Women's Groups of the GambiaEmpowering Local Women’s Groups Kanyaleng is the name given to the local and traditional women support groups united by their reproductive difficulties. They all have at some point of their lives, or still are struggling with infertility or child mortality.

Kanyalengs often perform at public gatherings and celebrations such as weddings and naming ceremonies.

We aim to work closely with these groups and empower them with the information and materials to educate their local women on the causes and prevention of infertility.

Sexual & Reproductive Health and RightsSex & Health Education In Schools Reproductive health issues are not discussed with adolescent girls who are the group most at risk from the main causes of infertility such as STDs and infections caused by female genital mutilation.

We aim to introduce reproductive health education to the school curriculum with teacher training, presentations and workshops and the best way to demonstrate our commitment to the cause and to these schools is by donating the necessary posters and pamphlets and stocking the library with appropriate texts.

Womens Health Care in the GambiaHospitals, Health Centres & Clinics Medical staff in Gambia are already overstretched and infertility is not a priority. Infertile women may be wrongly or over prescribed with drugs or treated with unnecessary or harmful procedures such as D & C.

We aim to educate health care professionals with the current insights and guidelines for infertility care and create a standardised process for diagnosis and treatment.

Women's Organisations in the GambiaEstablished Women’s Organisations There are a number of Government and Non Government initiatives that are working on women’s empowerment projects in The Gambia covering topics that range from deafness to literacy to micro finance.

We aim to work alongside these organisations to add value to the work that they are doing and increase the impact of these joint ventures on women’s issues.

Please consider these volunteer job vacancies and if you want to apply for voluntary work with us  please send a brief and informal, introductory email to us using the form below. Please feel free to contact us on any matter.

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