The Stigma of Angels


British filmmaker Jane Labous documented the taboos faced by Senegalese women when it comes to infertility. 

Infertility affects thousands of women across Senegal, yet the subject is deeply taboo. In this beautiful short documentary, Jane Labous meets those fighting societal pressures in this West African country, where the infertile are said to be affected by les anges (‘bad spirits’) and where a new generation of career women is leaving it later to have children.

The Kanyaleng Women’s Groups of The Gambia

The Kanyaleng are women who all know the agony of infertility or child mortality. Kanyaleng are excellent singers, dancers and drummers and are known for their bold acting and ridicule.

In the future we hope to work very closely with the Kanyaleng in our educational outreach programs that will cover infertility and related topics such as FMG, STD’s and child marriage.

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The Stigma of Angels – Infertility In West Africa