Help us spread the word about our campaign to address the overlooked problem of infertility in Africa. Partner with us online. Mention us on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Already, there are governments, organisations, public figures and individuals across the world who believe that women suffering from infertility no matter where they live deserve our support. We invite you to stand up, to speak out and publicly express your support for Dimbayaa.

Governments, community leaders, organisations, companies and public figures – across all sectors – can demonstrate alliance to Dimbayaa by announcing your support for the movement through a web story and/or press release.

Everyone can be a part of the effort to raise awareness, to educate and to inspire others to also stand up and speak out. Start a conversation. Start your own social media event. Tell everybody on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Illustrators, musicians, producers, filmmakers, animators, performers, poets, writers, painters – and anything else in between – can use art to amplify the message and engage others to realize our goals.

Organisations can share information, data, evidence, stories, learnings and they can work together to reach more girls and women with information and a full range of care.

Got a story to tell? Sadly the agony of infertility in Africa is usualy a verry silent one. Yet  millions of women are suffering from the stigma, social isolation and other negative consequences. If you, or someone you know, have a story to tell get in touch with us.

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