The Dimbayaa Fertility Project, based at the Africmed Clinic in Brusubi the Gambia, West Africa, is developing a program for infertility care providing counseling, standardized diagnosis and cheaper, more affordable fertility treatments to childless couples.

We currently offer Ovulation induction (OVI) and Intra uterine insemination (IUI) infertility treatments.

Traditional Beliefs, Causes & Treatments For Infertlity In Africa

Traditional Infertility Remedies & Treatments Unlike the Western world, where infertility is openly discussed and help and information is widely available, in The Gambia and much of Africa, the topic is very often is taboo. Infertility is not considered to…

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Women’s Health & Infertility In The Gambia

Women’s Health & Infertility In The Gambia Dimbayaa strives to bridge the ‘infertility divide’ by delivering infertility awareness and prevention initiatives. We are trying to address the medical, financial, social and emotional problems of infertile African men and women who…

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