Infertility Counselling, Treatment & Support

Dimbayaa fertility project is deeply committed to provide all the primary and ancillary services related to infertility counseling, diagnosis and treatment.  We strive to deliver affordable, simple, safe and effective help with infertility to the people of The Gambia. 

At Africmed Medical Services in Brusubi, the Gambia we have developed a program for infertility care, providing counseling, standardized diagnosis and treatment; currently being ovulation induction and IUI (intra uterine insemination).

In the near future we hope to expand these services to cryopreservation (freezing) of semen and low cost IVF.

Infertility Education and Prevention in Gambia

We strongly believe education and prevention should also be part of our program. Demystifying the causes and creating awareness on fertility on the one hand, and primary prevention; sexual education of young people on how to avoid STD’s, as well as secondary prevention; early and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of STD’s, on the other hand.

Infertility in AfricaInfertility Counseling and Support

Because of the wide range of psychological and social implications, counseling, education and guidance is an important part of the process of infertility investigation and treatment.

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Infertility testing & DiagnosisInfertility Testing and Diagnosis

Since at least 25% of infertile couples have more than one factor that may be the main issue or cause of infertility, it is important to evaluate all factors that may affect both partners.

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Treatment of Infertility

Assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs) involve manipulation of sperm and ova or embryos in vitro with the goal of producing a pregnancy. Examples of ART are intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Womens Rights in AfricaInfertility Awareness and Prevention

In Africa, the topic of infertility often very much taboo. Traditionally, infertility is not seen as a medical problem but to be caused by a curse or interference of spirits. Seeking help often means a lonely path for women struggling with infertility.

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Infertility Market Investment Opportunities

Mild stimulation protocols in combination with the simplified culture system can masively reduce the costs of IVF yet guarantee safety and effectivety. This will make this program attractive not only for Gambian couples, but also those from the region and beyond. Click here for more information on Investing]