The Dimbayaa Fertility Project is currently based at the Africmed Clinic in Brusubi the Gambia, West Africa where we have developed a program for infertility care, providing counseling, standardized diagnosis and cheaper, more affordable fertility treatments.

We currently offer ovulation induction and IUI (intra uterine insemination) fertility treatments and in the near future we hope to develop and expand our services to low cost IVF treatment.

We are developing our  infertility awareness outreach programs to promote fertility awareness, focusing on both primary prevention by means of sexual education of young people, and secondary prevention, by the early and appropriate diagnosis and treatment of STDs to prevent infertility later on in life.

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African Women's Health ClinicWho we are

Dimbayaa is a loose collective of fertility professionals based in the Gambia and Holland committed to providing for infertility care in all its aspects; education, prevention and treatment in the Gambia and beyond.

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Africmed Clinic Brusubi, The GambiaHistory

For more then a year now we run our fertility clinic at Africmed Clinic in Brufut, the Gambia. We provide for standardized fertility counseling, diagnosis and treatment.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide for high quality standardized fertility care;  counseling, diagnosis and treatment including modern reproductive techniques, available and affordable for people in the Gambia,

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Health Care in AfricaOur partners

We are very grateful for the moral support and practical help our Partners, both local and abroad are giving us.

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Women & Child Care AfricaGet involved

Volunteer, donate or share your time and/or knowledge and help us support people suffering from infertility in Africa

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