Share your time, experience or expertise with us. Get involved in our fertility program or help us further develop our outreach programs on working with and involving local women’s groups such as the Kanyaleng. Fertility professionals, doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, social workers, counselors and anybody experienced with working in the sector of infertility or women’s health is very welcome at Dimbayaa. We are dedicated to providing for accurate information as well as practical help and advise on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues.

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Help us fundraising, donate money or supplies. Help us to realize our dream to become the first clinic in the Gambia that offers not only OVI and IUI but also Cryopreservation (freezing) of semen as well as Low Cost IVF. We are in need of laboratory equipment, microscopes, incubators, fertility drugs, ovulation tests and medical supplies and equipment such as an ultrasound and x ray machine. We are also looking for educational materials to help further develop our outreach programs.

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Sponsor IUI or IVF treatments for childless women in the Gambia or sponsor our reproductive health outreach educational programs. At Africmed Clinic in Brusubi, The Gambia we have started providing for IUI treatment since January 2016. In the near future we hope to also be able to offer cryopreservation (freeszing) of semen and Low Cost IVF. Though for Western standards the costs are very low, and more and more people in The Gambia have health insurance still many people cannot afford this. We offer IUI for Dal 4000,- to Dal 5000,- a cycle (less than Euro 100,-) Please contact us for further details.

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Help us spread the word about our campaign to address the overlooked problem of infertility in Africa. Partner with us online. Mention us on different social media platforms. Everyone can be a part of the effort to raise awareness, to educate and to inspire others to also stand up and speak out. Start a conversation. Start your own social media event. Tell everybody on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Help us start up our Walking Egg Low Cost IVF centre. Mild Stimulation IVF is gaining popularity in the West. In Mild Stimulation IVF, lower dosages of fertility drugs are used than in conventional fertility treatment. This results in a milder response, more natural and friendly to the body. In addition it is safer, has less side effects and is less expensive. With the Simplified Culture System (SCS), an enclosed culture system in a smaller ‘shoe box sized ‘ environment developed by the Walking Egg project, IVF can be carried out without the need of a full laboratory, thus massively reducing the costs.Low costs of the treatment combined with a safe high quality care will make our program attractive not only for Gambian couples, but also those from the region as well as beyond.

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