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Dimbayaa’s objective is to improve general access to women’s sexual health care and ultimately reduce the chances of infertility among Gambian women by setting up and developing a program of reproductive health education initiatives that will improve, enrich and empower women’s lives in The Gambia.

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In West Africa one in three couples are infertile, yet infertility remains a low-priority issue for women’s health organisations working in the region. Yet, consequences of infertility are often dramatic in African societies, especially for women.

We aim to strengthen fertility awareness and care throughout West Africa, through advocacy and networking and promoting research from medical, socio economical and anthropological disciplines.

Help us spread the word about our campaign to address the much overlooked problem of infertility in Africa. Promote, Partner with us online. Mention us on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and help us expand our network.

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Share your time, knowledge and experience. We are raising awareness of women’s health issues and striving to improve access to health care information and services for the women of The Gambia in the fields of reproductive health and infertility.

We are looking for enthusiastic and capable volunteer teachers and lecturers to train, motivate and inspire a growing network of  Gambian women’s health advisors that deliver our women’s health and infertility prevention educational and outreach programs in local schools, hospitals and villages  in The Gambia.

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1/ Low Cost SCS IVF

2/ Outreach programs

3/ Mobile clinic

At Africmed Medical Services, Brusubi the Gambia we developed a program for infertility care, providing counseling, standardized diagnosis and treatment; currently being ovulation induction and IUI (intra uterine insemination). We hope to expand these services to cryopreservation (freezing) of semen and low cost IVF.

Donate Money or supplies.

We are in need of laboratory equipment, microscopes, incubators, fertility drugs, ovulation tests and medical supplies and equipment such as an ultrasound and X ray machine.

For our outreach programs we are looking for educational materials; Posters, Flyers, books, infographics video material on the subjects of The process of conception, Infertility; causes, diagnosis, treatment, STD’s;  prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, Vaginal douching, Female genital mutilation, Post partum care etc

Mobile clinic


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