Dimbayaa Timeline

Kanyaleng Performance Gambia2017 – We are setting up our legal entety and are launching ‘Stichting Dimbayaa’ in the Netherlands. We are expanding our network on a number of fronts; We are recruiting and training medical professionals, signed an MOU with ‘Safe Haven Foundation’, and we are developing our outreach programs with Kanyaleng womens groups.


Africmed Clinic Brusubi, the Gambia

2016 – For over a year now we run our infertility clinic at Africmed. This year we started doing IUI, intra uterine insemination. So far we have seen over 50 couples, resulting in 10 pregnancies, 2 miscarriages, two live births and more good news expected.



Africmed Womens Health Clinic2015 – We set up our infertility clinic at Africmed, providing for counseling, diagnosis and treatment; Initially being hormonal stimulation, cycle monitoring and ovulation induction and advising on timed intercourse.



Africmed Dorien and Dr Cynthia2014 – In this year Dr Cynthia joined Africmed and ever since the three of them, Dorien, Dr Jagne and Dr Cynthia, met on a regular basis, brainstorming and exploring possibilities for a Fertility program in the Gambia. With help of Dr Azadeh, protocols for standardized diagnosis and treatment within Africmed’s setting were developed. Contacts with partners in Holland as well as Belgium were established.


Dimbayaa Dorien van der Heijden2013 – Dorien van de Heijden first came to the Gambia in 2013. She soon realized the great demand for- and enormous lack of infertility care. On her orientation on the Gambian health care system she visited Afrimed Clinic, at the time a small busy clinic located in the Senegambia area. Here she found Africmeds CEO Dr Jagne to affirm this need and the two of them discussed how they could make a difference.