Forward For You is an initiative that aims to foster sustainable human development in The Gambia, focusing on three core components i.e,

1. LetGilrsLearn, a project that was started three years ago in order to sponsor young girls in the Gambia. The project covers all tuition costs, and also provides funds for auxiliary needs in order to avoid hindrance of the girls opportunity to excel.

2. ForwardForYOUth aims at reducing the youth unemployment rate in relation to the illegal migration rate. Through, researching the issues that youth face and coming up with viable solutions to combat this epidemic. The project seeks to tap into the creativity of the youth in the Gambia, in order to transform their social impact ideas into actionable projects, Such as promoting entrepreneurship by providing them with seed money and mentorship for viable business ventures.

3. ForwardForAll; the project focuses on the physical and mental wellbeing of vulnerable groups, through the use of advocacy, mentoring, and support group programs to achieve general health stability.

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Forward For You In The Gambia
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