Women’s Health & Infertility In The Gambia

In West Africa one in three couples are infertile, yet infertility remains a low-priority issue for women’s health organisations working in the region. Being a childless woman in Africa is much more difficult than being a childless woman in the developed world. and can have very serious consequences, especially for the women.

Within many African societies, becoming a mother and bearing many children is the central aspect of of a woman’s role. Motherhood allows women to demonstrate their commitment to their husbands and families, show respect to the family elders who gave them in marriage and secure her welfare and status.

With no social security systems in Africa, both men and women are often economically dependent on their children in old age. In addition to the personal grief and suffering of being childless, infertility creates broader problem ssuch as stigma, economic hardship, social isolation, and even violence.

Our mission is to make all aspects of infertility avoidable and to ensure that fertility care is available and affordable by all.

Women’s Health Issues In Gambia

Sexual and reproductive health involves topics such as female genital mutilation, sexually transmitted diseases, child mortality, and also infertility. Infertility prevention and care often remain neglected public health issues in Africa.

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Infertility in the Gambia

WHO demographic studies from 2004 have shown that in sub-Sharan Africa, more than 30% of women aged 25-49 suffer from secondary infertility, the inability to conceive after an initial pregnancy. Thus effecting tens of thousands of women in the Gambia.

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FertilityImpact of Infertility On Women

In the Gambia, the inability to conceive is often considered a personal tragedy as well as a curse for the couple, impacting on the entire family and local communityIn addition to the personal grief, infertility can lead to stigma, economic hardship, social isolation, or even violence.

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African Traditional Infertility MedicineTraditional Infertility Beliefs

Infertility is often thought to be caused by a curse or interference of spirits. Infertility is not considered a medical problem but causes, and therefore also remedies, are sought in the spiritual world. These may include prayer, spiritual healing, and herbal remedies.

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Dimbayaa Fertility For Africa

Dimbayaa is committed to provide all the primary and ancillary services related to infertility counseling, diagnosis and treatment to the people of The Gambia. We strongly believe education and prevention should also be part of our program.

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